Administrative Meeting Schedules

We are currently trying to consolidate our administrative meetings and minimize the number of times church leaders are out weekday evenings.  Therefore, the majority of administrative meetings will be scheduled on Tuesday nights as well as occasional Sundays after worship.  So far the following groups have agreed on a schedule:  Staff Parish Relations Committee will be meeting the 1st Tuesday, Worship will meet on the 2nd Tuesday, and Church Council Council on the 3rd Tuesday.  In addition, some committees will meet every 2-3 months instead of every month, and use email or phone to complete projects between meetings.
Administration of the church is important as these committees serve as the support structure for all of the ministry that happens in the church.  However, administering the work of the church should never be burdensome. If you have further ideas on structuring our administration to increase our efficiency and best further the work of Christ please let us know!

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