Charge Conference Reflections

P1010408Grace and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. At the Walk to Emmaus last weekend (which was absolutely amazing, words don’t begin to describe …) one of the talks is on “Means of Grace.” We might think of obvious ways we experience God’s grace such as through the beauty of creation, prayer, worship, and Scripture. However, there’s one we may not think of as a Means of Grace which was highlighted by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, called “conferencing” or “conferring with one another.”

Our local church, district, conference and denomination are opportunities to live out our faith in authentic community. Some might consider our annual church conference led by our District Superintendent as just a business meeting but it is in fact an opportunity for us to experience God’s grace!

Last Wednesday’s charge conference was certainly a means of grace for all who attended. We began with a time of centering worship in which we all lit a candle symbolizing the presence of Christ within each of us. Rev. Jim McPhee shared with us, as well as Bishop Devadhar via video about leading a youth pilgrimage to Taize, France this summer and the Methodist Imagine No Malaria mission which has cut malaria deaths in half so far.

Nancy H. our Council Chair was away on business but put together an inspiring video sharing about our visioning process. And I put together a fun slideshow celebrating our year together.

Whether it’s a Bible Study, small group, conversation after worship or committee meeting, I encourage all of us to seek God together in authentic community so we might experience the grace of Christ in new ways!  View more charge conference pictures here.

Together in ministry for Christ,
Pastor Gwyneth