Church Visioning Retreat Oct 6

We hope everyone including newcomers will attend the church visioning retreat on Saturday, October 6. We also invite you to begin praying for this retreat in order to prepare our hearts for the Holy Spirit’s leading.

If you are unable to attend due to a previous commitment, please consider praying for a half hour during the retreat, wherever you are! Sign up at with John316 as the login.

For those able to attend, one way to begin preparing your own heart is to reflect on questions such as:  Where is God calling us as a church to make a difference in our community and world? Where are we heading as a church? What are our strengths and growing edges? What is the mission of our church, and what are our goals to achieve this mission? What activities, events, administrative structures, etc. are furthering our mission? Are there any that are distracting from our mission?

Church Council will meet in the morning for visioning. The all-church session will begin with lunch at the church from 12-1pm. This will hopefully allow enough time for lunch, conversation and a chance for some to do a “prayer walk” – a walk around the neighborhood praying silently for homes, businesses, and people. Beginning at 1pm we will hold a large group session at the church, followed by breakout sessions at Bob and Joanna’s home across the street, with close-up back at the church by 4:30pm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Gwyneth or Nancy Hartmann.  We hope to see you there!


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