Faith and Family Lent Study

P1050509 P1050506Families attended the first of four Lent studies on Wednesday evening. During dinner each table was asked to discuss characteristics of a perfect world if they could create one. After dinner we shared prayer requests then watched the beginning clip of Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader followed by discussion of how various characters felt about being brought to Narnia. Some kids shared how they could relate to Eustace with difficulties such as being forced to move or change schools which can be very scary. Kids then took turns reading the first chapter of Revelation and we talked about John’s vision and his reaction of fear within that vision after having been exiled to an island … some interesting similarities to the Narnia story! We then made paintings but without the normal control we have with a paint brush. We used a magnet to move around a paperclip within paint dabs; we squirted paint with a syringe, and we made spiral art by smearing paint in a circle using a paper plate. We may not like not being able to control the outcome but we learned how God is in control so the outcome is always awesome! Next study takes place in two weeks and we’ll be watching another exciting clip from the movie, The Dawn Treader.