Farewell Gathering for Mike and Jan

There is a farewell gathering for our district superintendents, Revs. Mike and Jan Davis on Saturday, May 11 beginning with worship at 2:00 p.m. followed by a reception. The event is being hosted by the Eliot United Methodist Church in Eliot, Maine. Our very own Sacred Dance team has been asked to perform at this service. All are welcome to attend!

  • RSVP to Pastor Gwyneth if you can attend and if you can drive or if you need a ride to attend.
  • Choir:  If you would like to sing in the choir for worship all are invited to attend a rehearsal at 12:45 p.m.
  • Food Donations:  The District is looking for food donations (24 finger sandwiches or desserts) – please contact Beverly Staples (207) 809-9268 or bevs@roadrunner.com) ASAP.
  • In lieu of gifts, donations to the Guatemala Fund are requested in honor of Mike and Jan. Please mark your donations. Thank you!
  • Notes to Mike and Jan would be appreciated as well.