Join us For Mother’s Day

Anne Marie Jarvis, Founder of Mother's Day

Did you know that mother’s day was begun within the Methodist (then called the Methodist Episcopal) Church? You can read about it in Wikipedia. The Merrimacport United Methodist Church will likewise be celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, which will include an opportunity to light a candle in memory or honor of a special woman in your life as well as a special children’s craft led by dads.

This is a joyful day for many but can also be a very painful day for some who are grieving the loss of mothers and children or those whose relationships with their mothers have been neglectful or even abusive. We will have the chance to lift up all in prayer and provide the space both for celebration as well as sadness. We will especially give thanks for our “spiritual mothers,” those women in our lives who have helped us grow in our faith in Christ and who have inspired us by their faithfulness.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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