Laity Leading Worship

Many thanks to Gail Mattos for leading worship while Pastor Gwyneth was on vacation in June. The pastor will also be on vacation two weeks in August. One of these weeks will be led by Beryl McKenna. The other is open. Do you feel called? Please contact Pastor Gwyneth!

Throughout the year there are opportunities for laity to participate and lead worship. All UM pastors are required to take 4 weeks of vacation each year. In addition, pastors are required to take Continuing Education units, which often require laity to lead worship that week.  Although it is sometimes possible to find a retired clergy to preach, it is most meaningful to experience the gifts of our own congregation.  All of us are ministers of the Gospel!

Other opportunities include sharing in worship a personal witness of how you’ve experienced God’s love, saving grace, answered prayer or faithfulness.  Nancy dosSantos shared her experience of Annual Conference in worship recently and was wonderful. Other opportunities include sharing the children’s message anytime – Beryl Puddester-McKenna led a wonderful message on the Trinity recently – or leading worship through music if you play an instrument or sing – our organist Len Bachelder is happy to accompany!

If you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to say yes to any of these, please contact Pastor Gwyneth to discuss further and/or schedule!


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