MUMC at Pentucket Arts Foundation

P1060631The Pentucket Arts Foundation celebrated its 10th year by creating a work of art from representative articles from the community. The Merrimacport United Methodist Church was one such community organization. The article we donated was a rock decorated by one of our children with sparkly glitter glue with the following submitted description: The rock is the symbol chosen to represent the Merrimacport United Methodist Church. Jesus compared the importance of living out our faith to a man who built his house on rock rather than sand so that when the storms of life come his faith would not be washed away. We are a church that helps people relate to Jesus as the Rock of their faith and to become faithful followers of Jesus as we love and serve one another, our community and the world in his power. Jesus also described the church as a rock; when life tosses us around like the ocean waves we can depend on Jesus and his community of followers to provide a steady foundation. All are welcome at the Port Church.   You can view more photos of the Pentucket Arts Foundation Unveiling here.