Parent Child Lent Study

The parent-child study has been meeting in homes every week during Lent. It has been a wonderful time for all for kids in the church to get to know each other, parents to connect, to share a meal together, to hear the Scriptures leading to the cross in dramatic ways, watch an engaging DVD filmed in Jerusalem by Adam Hamilton, for kids and parents to share meaningfully together and as always to play together and just hang out.

Each week has been hosted in a different home. The first week’s topic was the Last Supper which we learned was a Jewish Seder Meal. We learned about and experienced some of the meal such as eating bitter herbs (parsley dipped in horseradish) to experience slavery in Egypt as if we were really there. To read more go to the Passover Seder Article and Photo Album.

Another week we learned about Peter’s Denial.  Kids were blindfolded and hands tied during the dramatic reading by parents, and then led upstairs, experiencing a bit of what it was like for Jesus when he was arrested. After the Adam Hamilton video parents and their own kids discussed ways they had denied Jesus. These were written on paper and then the kids used these for “pin the tail on the rooster”. More photos can be viewed on the Peter’s Denial Photo Album.

This week we learned about Pilate and his caving to the pressure of the crowd to crucify Jesus. Kids ate in the dining room by the roaring fire. Discussion began with a peer pressure scenario to follow the crowd. After the DVD and dramatic Scripture reading we had a very open group discussion about times we were pressured to follow the crowd when we knew it was wrong. We then each placed our hands in a large bowl of water to remember God’s faithfulness to us in our baptism, his forgiveness and power to start again. By that time the fire was perfect to cook marshmallows and eat smores. The kids also enjoyed the music room together! More photos can be viewed on the Pilate and the Crowd Photo Album.

Two more studies remain in the Lent Study and newcomers are always welcome and begin at 5:30pm.  April 4 will be hosted at Laurie and Walter’s and April 11 will be hosed at Rocklan and David’s home.


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