Lent Parent-Child Study Finishes Up

The last Lent Parent-Study was on the Resurrection of Jesus. We began by making our own tomb pastries with crescent rolls and a marshmallow inside and rolled in cinnamon sugar. After the DVD and discussion we got our pastries out of the oven and they looked just like empty tombs!  To view more photos go to the Empty Tomb Pastry Photo Album

This 7-week study has been truly amazing for parents and children alike. When a parent has been unable to attend kids have wanted to come anyway and we have just arranged for other parents to pick them up. When a child has this kind of enthusiasm for a Bible Study you don’t say “no!”

The parents and children all wanted to meet in May, and then take the summer off before starting again in the Fall.

We will meet at the Paszko’s home, tentatively Wednesday, May 16 at 5:30pm.

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