Preaching on the Poor and Outcast

Pastor Gwyneth preached Sunday on the “am ha’aretz” during our sermon series on “The Way” … the am ha’aretz is the Hebrew word for “people of the land” but came to be used as a derogatory term for those forced to the margins of society by poverty, illness, handicap, sin or other conditions. These are the folks with whom Jesus spent most of his time – the lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors, blind beggars, the poor. Some of our youth acted out the story of the “woman at the well” who is one of many of these outcasts Jesus called to be his disciples. And we had an awesome guest, Pastor Kevin Groder who witnessed about his ministry in Haiti. A wonderful time of worship together as God’s family, and a challenge to each of us how God is calling us to go to the am ha’aretz to share the love of Jesus!