Senior Center Survey Results In

The congregation was surveyed about our experience worshiping at the Senior Center this past winter. This change in location came about after a conversation with the Merrimac police and fire chiefs who indicated that it does present a community safety issue with parking Sunday mornings with narrowed roads due to snow banks.  The slippery slope also presents a hazard to our own congregation. Though this has been an ongoing issue, this year we decided to take action and move worship for a few weeks.  It was amusing that there were no snow banks this winter, or even a flurry! But the church did experience those 7 weeks as a spiritual journey, not unlike the journey through the wilderness for the people of Israel – it was a time of spiritual growth for all of us.

In a conversation with our District Superintendent, Rev. Jan Davis, she was  impressed that our congregation was willing to embark on such a journey outside our church building.  However, none of us experienced the journey in the same way. Pastor Gwyneth wanted to capture a bit of the congregation’s perception after returning to the church building so created a survey.  Thank you to all who filled this out!

Using 13 people filled out the survey online and 5 people filled out the survey on paper. This is a small portion of our church family but provides some idea how the congregation experienced the change. We may survey again in the fall when it is closer to the time we will make a decision for winter 2013. If you would like more details on the survey such as specific comments, please contact Pastor Gwyneth.

Question 1: When you first heard that the church would be moving worship to the Senior Center for 7 weeks of winter, how did you feel?
Online (2-extremely excited, 3-somewhat excited, 2 neutral, 4- somewhat tentative, 2- extremely tentative)  Paper ( 1-somewhat tentative, 4-extremely tentative)

Question 2: How do you think the worshiping at the Senior Center increased our visibility in the community?
Online (1-very well, 3-fairly well, 6-not much, 3-don’t know)  Paper (4-not much, 1-don’t know)

Question 3:   *If* it had snowed as it normally does, how much would worshiping at the Senior Center have increased safety for our own congregation as well as for the community?
Online (8-much safer, 5-somewhat safer, 0-not at all safer)  Paper (0-much safer, 4-somewhat safer, 1-not at all safer)

Question 4:  If the church decided to move worship again next year, what additional locations should be considered for 2013?
Online (8-Senior Center, 5-Library, 5-Other)  Paper (no one answered this)

Question 5:  If the church decided to move worship again next year, what do you feel would be the best timing for the change?
Online (5-Jan through Feb, 2-Begin after first significant snow, 3 only on Sundays when unsafe conditions exist, 3-other) Paper (5-other)

Question 6: Do you think the church should move worship again next winter either for a fixed number of weeks or on an as-needed basis?
Online (7-yes, 5-no, 1-maybe)  Paper (5-no)


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