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Winter Worship Plan
From Nancy Hartmann, Church Council Chair 

The Church Council met this past Sunday to discuss the upcoming winter worship plan. The following things were taken into thoughtful consideration:

  • The safety of our members and visitors while traveling, parking and walking into our church on Sunday morning.
  • The feelings of our members worship experience in our sanctuary vs. the senior center.
  • The amount of resources needed to recreate that worship experience at the senior center.
  • The maintenance and cost of snow and ice removal.
  • Outreach and increased visibility to our community
After much discussion it has been decided that we will plan to hold Sunday worship at the church throughout this winter if we can secure the following important details:
  1. Hire someone to maintain the walks and stairs to the front of our church including shoveling and ice melt. This is a concern for every day of the week not just Sundays.
  2. Organize outdoor ushers to support individuals who may be challenged with parking and walking into our church with snow covered streets.
  3. In the event that we have a significant amount of snow this year and find it challenging to maintain a safe walking area into our church we will move to the senior center until we are able to do so.
  4. Consider utilizing the senior center for other outreach opportunities to our community.
More information will be coming soon on how to sign up to help this winter make our church a safe and hospitable place to worship.

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