The Gift that Keeps Giving

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, the way is clear to begin thinking about the Christmas season without guilt!  There is so much to do: presents to wrap, cards to address, cookies to bake.  For many families, though, this is also a great time to consider the best way to complete your financial commitment to your local United Methodist church.  This year, why not “think outside the box” and consider a gift of stock shares or similar investment instruments to complete your pledge.
Perhaps you inherited stock from your grandmother and it has dramatically increased in value over time.  If you wanted to sell a portion of these shares to complete your financial pledge, you would have to pay capital gains tax on the increase in value.
On the other hand, if you made a gift of this same stock directly to your local church before the end of the calendar year, you could avoid the capital gains tax altogether and receive a charitable deduction towards your income taxes as well.   

That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Please contact your local church office or the United Methodist Foundation of New England to see how this gift option can work for you.  And, if your stock portfolio has declined in value, don’t despair.  There is a way to make a gift of those shares as well.
Call 1-800-595-4347
Judy Vining x101 or Rev. Jim Mentzer x104

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