Women’s Group Dinner

The United Methodist Women had a wonderful dinner at the Hungry Traveler on May 21 with plenty of sharing and laughter. Everyone shared which the most meaningful Bible Study topic was that year on the psalms such as when the group extemporaneously composed their own psalm which they named “Psalm 151!” You can view the psalm below.  The UMW meets the fourth Monday of the month.  All Women are welcome!

A short business meeting followed which included election of officers for 2012-2013. Beryl Puddester-McKenna, Gail Mattos and Ruth Pettingill will remain in their positions of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Maryellen Meegan who has faithfully served as President of UMW for many years will be assisting Connie Haberkern as the New President!

What does the UMW do? In addition to supporting various shelters, safe houses etc. the UMW also studies a different theme from the Bible each year.  This year we studied the Book of Psalms. At our April meeting, we wrote our own Psalm, with each person in attendance writing one sentence.  Since there are 150 Psalms in the Bible, we named this one:

The 151st Psalm
Composed by the  Merrimacport United Methodist Women on March 26, 2012

The Lord has sent me many blessings.

Praises to the Lord.

Praise for caring, concerned Christians.

Bless the Lord and Thanks for my family,

my gifts from God – Praise the Lord!

I praise the Lord each day for all my blessings

that He has heaped upon me.

Bless the Lord for all the generations, old and young

Singing your praises.

Thanks to the Lord for the blessings of each new day that dawns.

Praise God for he restores me.

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