Great Youth Group Breakfast

The new youth group got off to a fabulous start with a pancake breakfast put on by the Beavers, and activities led by David B and Nancy H.. The group played some games that provided some discussion around trust, partnership, etc., shared in a devotion led by David, and discussed ideas such as what should a youth group do, what do you want to learn at youth group, what is important to you, and what community based mission could youth participate. Some of the youths’ comments included assisting in a soup kitchen, conducting a food drive, performing music for a charity, heading up relief donations for a disaster, leading worship at a nursing home, leading worship at church, 30-hour famine, Wanakee retreat, fun events such as laser tag or fishing, learning how to apply faith to everyday life, and learning how to share about Jesus with others. What is important to youth? A few they listed include God, family, Global outreach/awareness, the environment, friends/co-workers/team-mates, pets, dance, teachers.

Many thanks to the youth group leaders and all the youth who came out to be part of this awesome new group!  You can view pictures on the Youth Group Breakfast Album.


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